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About Elena

Elena Henderson was born in 1965 in Tula, near Moscow, Russia. She graduated in 1987 from the Polytechnic University with a master’s in computer science and moved to Toronto, Canada in 1996. In 2009, she earned a design degree from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto.

Elena is renowned for her elegant style and fresh color palette. She uses painting as a powerful form of self-expression, translating emotions into refined shapes and vibrant colors. Her work features brilliant color schemes and intriguing textures, making a significant visual impact.

Over the past five years, Elena has collaborated with numerous Canadian and U.S. galleries and has held many solo shows in Ontario. She lives and works as a full-time artist in Orangeville, Ontario.

We’re thrilled to have Elena Henderson headline our popular spring Floral show alongside 60 more incredible artists.

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Featuring stunning original artwork from 60 incredible artists…

Elena Henderson
Aarti Iyer
Allison Barrow
Aly Rosenzweig
Alyssa Penner
Andrea Fryett
Anne Marie Szucs
Annie Lalo
Audrey Henderson
Barbara Brazil
Bev Robertson
Bonnie Peters
Brandie Cormier
Brenda Hurley
Carol-Anne Almquist
Cheryl Shanahan
Cleo Manuel Krueger
Crystal Cozart Lepping
Debbie Igram
Guinevere Joy
Heather Kinahan
Heema Misra
Holli OKeefe
Jacintha Krish
Janet Anderson
Janet Sutanto
Jessica Marshall
Jill Charuk
Jillian Gardiner
Jon Perkins
Julia Veenstra
Kathryn Gorectke
Katie Mertz
Leah Olsen-Kent
Lois Gardiner
Michele Smeulders
Michelle Nyberg
Nancy Bariluk-Smith
Natalie Waites
Penny Gabor
Raquel Roth
Rebecca Baldwin
Robyn Plummer
Sandra Manzi
Sarah Hayek
Sarah Hill David
Shanti Rowley
Sheila Rae Van Delft
Sheri East
Sophie Dare
Stacy Spangler
Stephany Castilla
Sue Riger
Suzanne Matthews
Taslima Hossain
Teresa McCallum
Teresa Rodrigues
Thomas Burgard
Yulia Tsinko
Yvonne Nangle

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