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Morgan Bialkowski (@morganbialkowskiartist) says: "I have always used creating as an outlet in my life. As an avid athlete, I spent much of my early years using oil pastels to create athletic portraits. My love of athletics and the human body led to two degrees in health care and a fairly long hiatus from art, but moving to British Columbia and being involved in the artistic community reignited my creative inspiration. I now use mostly acrylics and paint whatever inspires me or makes me laugh. This mostly involves the landscapes that I adventure in and animals wearing retro sports gear." 

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Nicole Sutherland (@nsutherland_artist) is an impressionistic painter and she paints in a style characterized by the use of intense colour, which becomes the dominant feature of the resultant work of art, more important than its other qualities. 

Nicole hopes her work strikes a desire to come up close, and take a look at broad, thick strokes, that somehow take on the wild, abstract side of nature. But then stepping back, she wants her audience to see that the strokes do make order and she hopes the viewer finds beauty in her landscapes. Perhaps to even see a tree or rock or something in between.

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Paul Jacob Chapman (@pauljacob_art) or PJ was born in rural Ontario and has spent his life in wonder at the beauty and goodness he sees around him, and he can’t help but try to capture a bit of it with his art. 

Paul Jacob can be found most days out on a wild adventure with his two young daughters. He began painting in 2019 and is a self-taught artist known for bold colour and shape in his unique and adapting style. He works mainly in acrylics although he has been experimenting with oils and graphite as his art journey progresses. His work can be found in collections across North America, including the Crown and Press Gallery of Hamilton Ontario. 

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Poonam Khanna (@khanna_p) is an emerging Toronto-based artist working primarily in acrylic. She likes to paint scenes of everyday life, but from a new perspective, and is fascinated by the effect rain can have on a landscape, especially when seen through glass. The rain blurs the lines between objects, and many things start melting into one another. Reflections on the glass also become a part of the landscape. And sometimes the raindrops contain their own mini landscape, transforming how we see. 

When it rains, Poonam often heads out to take pictures through glass — car windows, bus shelters, and even a piece of glass from an old frame. Her paintings rely on soft edges and a vibrant colour ground.

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