APRIL 11 – 13

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The Fun & Fast Paced Art Show!

About Us

Square Foot Show began as a small, annual art party in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Each year, Julia Veenstra’s tiny studio was filled with work from local artists, each piece the same price and size. It was a huge success every time, with a lineup around the block in the dead of Canadian winter.

Until the pandemic, that is. So, Julia joined forces with some friends who had proven themselves in marketing and they moved the show online together. It was a massive success, with Square Foot Show quickly becoming known as “The Black Friday of Art”, consistently bringing thousands of new collectors across five continents to each show, with many artists selling out in mere minutes.

SquareFootShow’s vision is to build a thriving artistic community around the world, raise the profile of artists, and introduce novice and experienced art collectors to emerging and established artists alike.

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Featuring stunning original artwork from 50+ incredible artists…

Adele Webster
Afton Brazzoni
Alyssa Cumpton
Amanda Reber
Anjum Motiwala
Anna Kopcok
Anne-Marie Syslak
Annie Ingram
Barbara Brazil
Benjamin Smith
Brian Miller
Brenda McCafferty
Cara Eden
Carolyn Sándor
Catherine Bagnell Styles
Cheryl Shanahan
Chloe Chlumecky
Christine Campbell
Cleo Krueger
David Dimmick
Debbie Rose Miller
Eda Brown
Heather Kinahan
Holli OKeefe
Huong Nguyen
Jan Poynter
Janet Horne Cozens
Janet Sutanto
Jessica Marshall
Julia Veenstra
Julie Chi
Justina Smith
Kim Yarmuch
Kristy Andrews
Lance Henderson
Leah Bargen
Lorrie Walsh
Margot Roi
Meghan Irvine
Michael King
Michelle Pereira
Niki Baker
Niki Parry
Oksana Alekseeva
Pam Ferworn
Paul Jacob Chapman
Poonam Khanna
Ruth LaGue
Sarah Hayek
Shanti Rowley
Sharon Lynn Williams
Sheila Rae Van Delft
Simone Bos
Suzette Lebenzon
Taslima Hossain
Tracy Lyn Propp
🌲 Last Chance for 12x12 Original Landscapes

'Landscapes' stays open until midnight tonight at SHOP.SQUAREFOOTSHOW.COM! We're offering FREE SHIPPING and there are so many gorgeous pieces still available. Click the button below to be taken directly to the live shop where you can purchase your very own 12x12. Don't miss out!

And the winner is...
Congratulations to Jayda from Regina, Saskatchewan who will be receiving a free 12x12 by Julia Veenstra!
Thank you so much for supporting the arts! Happy collecting...
What a fantastic opening night! Landscapes is on now - until Saturday at midnight - and there are so many beautiful pieces to choose from! Each piece is $350 CAD or $300 USD with FREE SHIPPING! Don't miss it!

The pieces shown are: 
Catherine Bagnell Styles (@catherinebstyles), In the Clouds, which was the first piece to sell! 
+ Congratulations to Ruth Lague (@ruthlague) for selling out first! (5 pieces!)
🚨 LIVE with some of the amazing artists in Landscapes - online now at shop.SquareFootShow.com
Our show is LIVE! Head over to SHOP.SQUAREFOOTSHOW.COM to shop for original pieces of landscape art. Each piece is one of a kind and sells for only $350 CAD / $300 USD - with FREE SHIPPING! It couldn’t be easier to support the arts and bring a bit of nature into your home! Happy collecting!

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