Show Begins in

December 1st to 3rd

Our winter Square Foot Show features one-of-a-kind original 12″x 12″ paintings from Julia Veenstra and more than 50 artists. Each piece is the same price and will be available through our website when the show begins. There’s a reason, after all, that Square Foot Show has become known as the “Black Friday of Art!” We are so excited to continue to build this incredible artistic community and introduce novice and experienced art collectors to emerging and established artists alike. So sit back and take a few minutes to visit with and follow the artists you’ll get to see in Square Foot Show! 

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Featuring Julia Veenstra and over 50 more incredible artists:

Julia Veenstra
Adele Webster
Barb TenEycke
Barbara Simmons
Bill Lunshof
Brenda Hurley
Camille Selhorst
Chloe Chlumecky
Debbie Rose Miller
Dylan Swan
Eleanor Lowden
Heather Nagy
Helen Utsal
Holly Dyrland
Janet Horne Cozens
Jen Vandenbroek
Jennifer L Mohr
Jessica Masters
Jo Kelly
Jodi Miller
Jodie Blaney
Julie DeBoer
Kate Taylor
Kelly Corbett
Kelly Dean
Kerry Walford
Laurie Johnson Lepkowska
Leslie Starr
Linda VanWyk
Lori Meeboer
Maria Iva
Marike MacDonald
Mary Karavos
Melissa Passmore
Micheal Zarowsky
Michelle Reid
Miriam Slan
Nancy L Moore
Nicki Ault
Patricia Clemmens
Raquel Roth
Richelle Cripe
Sabrina Curtis
Sam Phippen
Sara Mullen
Sharon Fox Cranston
Simone Bos
Susanne Massie
Theresa Eisenbarth
Vera Kisseleva

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