How it Works

SquareFootShow hosts virtual art shows which are fun, fast-paced, and showcase the incredible talent of emerging + established artists alike.

The show goes live at exactly 8 pm EST, and it is often true that many artists will sell out within the first few minutes of opening.

The sale lasts until noon EST / 9am Pacific the next day – just 16 hours!  Each piece (from every artist!) is $350 CAD (or $300 USD) with free shipping. It couldn’t be easier to support the arts and bring a bit of creativity and joy into your home!

During each show, we also host a giveaway of a painting, usually from that show’s headline artist. The winner is selected from subscribers to our email list. What’s more, we also provide email list subscribers with a preview of the pieces 48 hours prior to showtime.

So don’t miss out! Subscribe to our mailing list and take part in our next Square Foot Show!