Show Begins in

October 6th to 8th

Square Foot Show in Autumn features one-of-a-kind original 12″x 12″ paintings around the theme of Autumn, created by more than 50 artists from across North America. Each piece is the same price and will be available through our website when the show begins. There’s a reason, after all, that Square Foot Show has become known as the “Black Friday of Art!” We are so excited to continue to build this incredible artistic community, and introduce novice and experienced art collectors to emerging and established artists alike. So sit back and take a few minutes to visit with and follow the artists you’ll get to see in Square Foot Show in Autumn! 

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Andrea England
Brian Miller
Holly Dyrland
Lori Meeboer

…and over 50 more incredible artists:

Alison Philpotts
Allan Milne
Allison Barrow
Allison Moir-Smith
Anca Reid
Annette van der Woerd
Annie Ingram
Aprille Janes
Candy Barr
Carley McCutcheon
Catherine Bagnell-Styles
Cathy Boyd
Chloe Chlumecky
Elizabeth Walsh
Erick D. Marquez
Grace Lane-Smith
Gretchen Fogelstrom
Jacintha Krish
Jaime Rinehart Smith
Janet Clattenburg
Janet Horne Cozens
Janet sutanto
Jeska Losonsky
Judy Schmidt
Julia Veenstra
Karen Davis
Katie Mertz
Katie Podracky
Katie Rodgers
Katie Winterstein Goldberg
Lisa Stead
Louise Powers
Mara Szyp
Martha Markowsky
Neha Sharma
Nina Waddington
Oksana Alekseeva
Pam Ferworn
Patty Kane
Paula E Borsetti
Raquel Roth
Rebecca Sobbi
Rhonda DeLand
Robert Ross
Robyn Skaley
Sabine Kearns
Samantha Williams-Chapelsky
Shirley Hauck
Stephen Bach
Sue Contini
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